Relatable Data

Published on: Nov 01, 2016

Relatable Data

Dipping into Trend Hunter’s report for 2017 shows some interesting ways that brands are using data to both get personal with consumers and push product authenticity in scientific or playful ways.

An example is the gym and digital agency R/GA running ‘The Pursuit by Equinox’ cycle fitness classes which encourage participants to challenge themselves and others in the class.

Specially fitted exercise bikes measure each individual’s data which is fed to a digital screen at the front of the room and displayed in a visual way.

The data can then be used for a variety of games such as challenging participants to race each other or stay at specific speeds.

The instantaneous nature of the data will certainly appeal to a generation used to instant feedback and the gamification angle adds a competitive boost to a routine workout.

Definitely an example where clean and intuitive visualisation is key.

See the original Trend Hunter article here.