Storyboard Strategy

Published on: Nov 29, 2018

Storyboard Strategy

Ever wondered why animated films can often be more compelling than their live-action cousins? One theory is the meticulous use of storyboarding which animations often adhere to. A way of visually trying out different routes and themes before engaging the army of artists and digital specialists to bring it to life.

This article makes an interesting case for the use of storyboarding in the new Disney film 'Ralph Breaks the Internet'. 

So what can we learn from this in terms of design and data visualisation? Just as Disney uses hybrid writer-artists to create their storyboards and 'animatics' (roughly animated storyboards), it's important for companies to involve data-savvy visual thinkers at an early stage for infographic projects. Not only will this ensure that the right insights are extracted, but also that they are visualised in an engaging and accessible way.

Storyboards 'boil stories down to their essence' and in many ways a good infographic does the same for data.