Information is Beautiful Shortlist 2023

Published on: Oct 11, 2023

Information is Beautiful Shortlist 2023

The Information is Beautiful Awards is one of the highlights of the data visualisation calendar. Each year thousands of entries compete in a myriad of categories from ‘Leisure, Games and Sport’ to ‘Politics and Global’.

This year the work is as impressive as ever with a few more unusual pieces catching our eye. This image is from ‘Data Soap’ by the London Collage of Communication.

Data Soap visualises information on household water usage and tells the story of individuals who have experienced water shortages first hand.

Personal information was collected through in-depth interviews and combined with quantitative water data from water-conservation organisations. These findings were then transformed into visuals for both the soap itself and its packaging.

A really playful and imaginative way to remind us how precious our water resources are every time we reach for the soap!

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