Our Capabilities

Our first love is data in all its forms, but our skill set is broad and allows us to offer comprehensive design solutions to take your campaign from concept to completion whatever form it may take.

Our team is made up of very talented individuals with specific skills to meet our clients' needs.

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Successful brands achieve and maintain market dominance by building a meaningful relationship with consumers through providing an emotional connection. We build strong brand identities by infusing corporate communications with rich creative storylines.

Client Events

Whether it's a product launch, a client summit or a workshop. We create the materials to engage your audience from a save the date to large scale venue branding, speaker presentations, audience engagement and follow-up communications.

Data Visualisation

Data provides the facts to form insights that help influence business strategy. These insights become powerful change agents when clearly communicated and lead to appropriate action. We visualise the insights that drive action by organising complex data in a way that is easy to understand thus leaving your audience feeling informed and empowered.


The best way to communicate new business opportunities to potential partners is through an engaging presentation. However presentations often fall short of exciting the audience by not communicating the idea in a concise and visually impactful way. We structure our client's presentations by creating a logical storyline that communicates the benefits in a comprehensive yet entertaining manner. We create supporting visuals that bring the idea to life and spark your audience’s imagination giving them a thorough sense of understanding.


Whether it’s an annual report, a product brochure or a website, the key to creating a compelling piece of visual communication is to feature persuasive storytelling through beautiful illustration. Our illustrations are designed to appeal to your audience and beautifully crafted to tell the story in a unique and engaging way.

Social Media & Email Campaigns

We enable our clients to propel their content to a wider audience through rich social media and email campaigns. We design, build, broadcast and manage your campaigns and evaluate engagment through analytics.

User Experience Design (UX/UI)

Digital channels provide a direct way to interact with your audience. However, these interactions only become meaningful by providing interesting, relevant and engaging content through intuitive functionality. We design online applications, websites, and interactive slideshows that showcase your content in an impactful way and provide your users with a seamless experience across all platforms.

Web Development

We build online applications, websites, interactive slideshows and email campaigns that showcase your content in an impactful way and provide your users with a seamless experience across all platforms.

Video & Animation

If you want to communicate a lot of well defined content quickly and efficiently at scale then videos are the way to go. From script to storyboard to post-production we create videos with voiceovers and custom animations to communicate your content.

Content Planning

We can execute your marketing strategy and communication plans by advising on the appropriate channels and creating the relevant materials to reach your audience.

Marketing Strategy

Having well defined objectives is key to devising a successful strategy. We take time to understand your business in detail and help you develop strategies to meet your objectives by suggesting the right tactics. 

  • Martin Duee
  • Anna Reinbold
    Graphic Designer
  • Filipa Silverio
    Graphic Designer
  • Lotta Bornebusch
  • AndrĂ© de Villiers
    Senior Developer
  • Martin Duee
  • Anna Reinbold
  • Filipa Silverio
  • Lotta Bornebusch
  • AndrĂ© de Villiers

Our Team

Our team is made up of talented individuals with an array of skills and a deep understanding of client needs. To find out more about who does what, click on the icons on the left.

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Martin Duee

Martin studied Graphic Design & Visual Communications in Germany before making London his home in 2004.

Prior to founding Brands of Tomorrow in 2009 he looked after the creative requirements for major brands such as Disney, Johnson & Johnson and P&G.

Anna Reinbold

Anna is an imaginative designer from Germany living and working in London. Having studied Information Design at London College of Communication she loves making data beautiful and has been featured in the book ‘Infographics’. Her trusty dog Io is never far off.

Filipa Silverio

Filipa is a talented illustrator who uses her skills to infuse our communications with heart warming and adorable visuals. Originally from Portugal, Filipa has made London her home where she likes to play boardgames when she's not out visiting galleries with friends.

Lotta Bornebusch

Lotta has over 10 years of marketing experience at insight, trend forecasting and design agencies. She is passionate about using visualisation to communicate information in an accessible and engaging way. When not pondering communication strategies, Lotta is usually found curled up on the sofa with her latest knitting project.

André de Villiers 

Our Head of Development André runs Ripple Digital our partner agency in Cape Town. He and his team build and manage all our digital applications and infrastructure.

  • Data Visualisation
  • User Experience Design
  • Web Development
  • Presentations
  • Branding Branding
  • Social Media & Emails
  • Illustration
  • Video & Animation
  • Client Events
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Content Planning